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Field Resources

LubeCon has the best national coverage of any company out there. Clients can take advantage of many options available right in their own plants.



Clients can choose to have any purchased equipment be professionally installed by LubeCon experts. Our experience and know-how can ensure you begin with everything in order.


Some clients are confident in their abilities to install their new equipment, or maintain what they’ve purchased, but could use a LubeCon expert to provide simple consulting. We don’t turn the wrenches but we’ll share tips and tricks to get the job done quickly and effectively. Or we can teach your maintenance teams how to clean, service, and maintain your investments so they operate at top performance. This is an affordable option for many customers.

Service Contracts

Who better to manage your new equipment than the company that makes and installs them? Talk to your account manager about buying a service contract where we can come by as often as needed to keep your equipment running well.


Lubrication is more than just equipment. The products are engineered to operate when used properly. Ask your account manager to train your teams on proper lubrication products, techniques, and intervals.

Product Testing

Many lubricants need to be tested regularly to ensure they are providing the protection needed and that the machinery is functioning properly. We have world-class testing facilities where customers can have products regularly tested and receive detailed reports that can be discussed with lube experts.

Headquarters Support

LubeCon is not only our field teams, but we have the best headquarter’s support for our customers, including:

Augmented Reality

With the development of augmented reality, our engineering team can work with your local account manager to actually see your plant equipment and provide real-time observations and recommendations. Our account managers will either use mobile phones or VR goggles to facilitate this involvement. This means clients can get the best information possible in real-time applicable to their unique environment. The future is here and now!

Direct Installations

Some customers send sections of their conveyor rails to our headquarters to have the equipment they purchase directly installed. This ensures professional work on the equipment and turn-key installations at your plant. We love working with your rail, so work with us and we’ll help make your next install a breeze.


No one has the number of expert engineers involved in their business like LubeCon does. Customers can work with our team to design complex lubrication equipment needs, troubleshoot any issues that arise, and talk to live people all the while.

Operating Videos

Customers who want reminders on the use or programming of the equipment can access special videos on our secure site. This allows for instant help and training right at your computer. Let your account manager know if you want access to this library of tools.