Hydraulic Fluids

Castrol has developed a wide range of fluids to cover nearly every possible application.

Hydraulic, turbine and circulating oils are typically lighter viscosity fluids used for a variety of lubricating needs, including hydraulic systems, pumps, bearings, turbines, compressors, motors, general purpose moving components, air line lubricators and many others.

These fluids have been formulated using the latest technology in raw materials. In addition, they have undergone rigorous testing in both laboratory and manufacturing conditions, in collaboration with leading hydraulic system and machinery manufacturers.

Wide Range to Meet all Your Needs

Castrol has developed a range of hydraulic and circulating oils, from premium R&O fluids to the highest performing anti-wear hydraulic oils, that provide the performance required for a wide variety of applications. Highly refined base oils are used to provide long life and clean-running benefits along with the latest additive technologies, including zinc-free options that support environmental initiatives and improve performance in sensitive applications

Excellent Wear Protection

Protecting metal components from wear is one of the most important properties of an oil. Castrol utilizes numerous wear tests to validate that Castrol oils will provide long equipment life, including 4-ball wear, SRV (coefficient of friction test), FZG (rigorous EP gear oil test) and pump OEM tests, which measure actual wear of a hydraulic pump (Eaton 35VQ25, Denison HF-0). Castrol Tribol HM 943 achieves outstanding performance in the Eaton vane pump test with less than 10 mg of wear.
Eaton vane pump component after testing with Tribol HM 943 showing virtually no wear (<10 mg).

Extremely Long Oil Life and Low Varnish

In addition to wear protection, a hydraulic fluid should provide long life and reduce operational anomalies while maintaining a clean system that reduces maintenance time and cost associated with fluid cleanouts. Tribol HM 943 is formulated to provide the industry’s best oxidation resistance for a mineral oil, approaching – and often exceeding – the performance of synthetics. It achieves over 18,000 hours in the TOST test (ASTM D 943) as compared to premium fluids, which often attain only 6,000 hours.
Tribol HM 943 demonstrates oxidation resistance far superior to conventional and even premium hydraulic oils.

Hydraulic Fluids Selection Chart


ISO VGs AvailableBase OilAdditives1Viscosity IndexZincFlash Point Range3Pour Point Range3Oxidation Resistance2Pressure Range

Hydraulic & Circulating Oils

Hyspin VG32 - 220MineralR&O95No410 - 469°F-22 to +14°F✓✓n/a
Hyspin AWS15 - 150MineralAW> 95Yes383 - 450°F-27 to +5°F5000+ psi
Hyspin ZZ32 - 68MineralAW> 95No410 - 439°F-17 to -11°F✓✓5000+ psi
Hyspin AWH-M

15, 32-150

MineralAW / VII> 130-150Yes401 - 450°F-60 to -22°F5000+ psi
Hyspin HVI

15, 32, 46

MineralAW / VII> 150No320 - 428°F-54 to -33°F✓✓5000+ psi
Tribol HM 94322 - 100MineralAW> 100No374 - 486°F-34 to -11°F✓✓✓7500+ psi

Spindle Oils

Hyspin Spindle Oil

2, 10, 22

MineralR&O86-100No176°F (2) 295°F (10) 414°F (22)-40 to -22°F✓✓n/a
Hyspin Spindle Oil HS2MineralAWn/aYes200°Fn/a✓✓n/a

Turbine Oils

Perfecto X32 - 68 MineralR&O112No432 - 453°F+5 to +10°F✓✓✓n/a
Perfecto XEP46MineralAW112No453°F+5°F✓✓✓n/a

Environmentally Responsible

Performance Bio HE PBL32 - 46Plant-basedAW206 - 217Yes460 - 580°Fn/a< 5000 psi
Performance Bio HE ESU46Synthetic EsterAW185No518°F-17°F✓✓✓7500+ psi

Fire-Resistant Hydraulic Fluids

Anvol SWX

46, 68

Polyol EsterAW180No> 536°F-33 to -27°F✓✓✓7500+ psi
Anvol WG46Water GlycolAW> 200Non/a-60°Fn/a< 3000 psi

Specialty Circulating Oils

Magna CTX WT (steel mill circulating oil)

460, 680

MineralAW92 - 97No469 - 475°F+16 to +21°F✓✓n/a

Tribol CT 1740 (paper machine oil)

220, 320

Semi-SyntheticAW145No510°F-13 to -3°F✓✓✓n/a

Food Grade Hydraulic Oil

Optileb HY

32, 46, 68

Synthetic PAOAW136 - 143No426 - 468°F-58 to -49°F✓✓✓7500+ psi

1 R&O = Rust & Oxidation inhibitors AW = Anti-wear VII = VI improver
2 Increasing performance from 1 to 3 checks
3 Varies by viscosity grade