Precise and controlled lubrication of vital chain parts are the hallmark of LubeCon lubricators.

Delivering controlled amounts of lube to the correct areas of the chain reduces lubricant consumption and waste.

Using LubeCon’s Advanced System Controller with the Lubricator ensures your system is fully automated to deliver maximum performance which extends chain life, reduces down-time, and saves you money.

LubeCon lubricators are built to last for many years in the harshest Industrial environments.

Heavy duty industrial Lubricators for the most demanding applications.


  • Multiple lubricator configurations to match customer needs
  • Controllers can be mounted on lubricators or central system pumping stations for easy access to programming
  • Lubricators utilize heavy-duty valve & proximity switches for a long dependable life
  • Shot to point lubrication using precision ejection tubes decrease wasted lubricant and help extend chain life
  • Available standard lubricators include: Monorail, Enclosed Track, Free Carrier, Inverted Free Carrier, Flat Top, Cat Drive, Chain on Edge/In Floor, CC5 Chain, Spray Systems, Kiln Chain, and Pin Chain lubricators


  • Industrial steel body Prox. switches for extended life.
  • Standard or Heavy lube valves with Viton seals ensure a long maintenance-free life
  • Adjustable framework and bracketry allow each lubricator to be adjusted for optimal performance and easy servicing
  • Adjustable ejection tube clamps for an easy shot to point alignment
  • Standard copper ejection tubes come in three sizes depending on the lubricant selected. (Stainless steel ejections tubes are available upon request)
  • Din connector type solenoid valves for easy replacement


  • 24VDC valves & proximity switches
  • Photo or Inductive proximity switches
  • Copper ejection tubes sizes of .030, .040, .060 I.D. (stainless available)
  • Standard lubricator viscosity range of 0-100 SUS. (Heavy lube lubricators are required for lubricants above 100 SUS)
  • Viton solenoid valve seals


  • Stainless steel ejection tubes
  • Heavy lube valves
  • Intrinsically safe lubricators available
  • High temperature switches