PM Watch monitors the overall conveyor health

It measures, records, analyzes, and can notify selected personnel regarding issues relating to conveyor operations and lubrication functions automatically without user intervention.
What is PM Watch?

Real-time central monitoring for dozens of PM Watch systems and over a thousand transducer inputs

Easy configuration/installation

Each PM Watch system features:

  • Central unit on the shop floor for control and reporting
  • Customizable software installed at desired location; allows monitoring, reporting, and controls
  • Controls LubeCon lubrication equipment from a centralized location; monitor lubrication cycles and activate cycles if needed
  • Provides retention and reporting of historical data
  • Instant emailing and SMS texting for critical alarms**
  • Multiple levels of software access to ensure proper controls; customizable role names

What can PM Watch Monitor?

  • Software can monitor/control dozens of PM Watch systems
  • Each PM Watch system can monitor many analog and digital transducer devices; you pick and choose
  • Monitored devices are plug-n-play.

Examples of devices include:

Example: Amperage transducer

Harmonics (Bearing Condition)

Air/Fluid Pressure

Voltage & Current




Position (Linear Distance)

Fluid Levels

Dog Spacing

Bent Trolley

Lubrication Settings

Upgraded Software - Powerful & User Friendly

Software is provided to interface and configure each PM Watch system in a network

Software allows for:

  • Real-time, live view of data from each PM Watch system in a dashboard view
  • Analysis tools to interpret alarms and evaluate data
  • Configuration of connected sensors and devices
  • Configuration of necessary alarm thresholds for each device
  • Remotely adjust lubricating settings; trigger lube cycles
  • Capture historical data and notes for future analysis

Monitor & Control equipment.

PM Watch can monitor most LubeCon equipment, making it easier to operate preventative maintenance equipment.

  • Chain Wear Monitors: easily measures and predicts future chain wear using the integrated software reports.
  • Lubricators & Greasers: track oil/grease cycles and control compatible ASC Controllers remotely with add-on equipment and wiring
  • Oil Tanks: know the tank levels and consumption trends. Set alarms for low tanks or high-lube consumption

LubeCon Chain Wear Monitor connected to a PM Watch system

Take control of your conveyor's preventative maintenance with PM Watch!