PM Watch

Preventative Monitoring System

PM Watch monitoring system measures, records, analyzes and notifies personnel about issues relating to machine and lubrication conditions automatically, without user intervention.


  • Provides real-time data for predictive reliability for up to 40 Watch systems
  • Key tools and information available for machinery, lubrication equipment, and maintenance issues
  • Ability to customize with flexible communications across networks, PLC’s, and computers
  • Custom software with easy-to-read dashboards
  • Configure sensors, devices, and alarm thresholds easily
  • Installation is simple and easy


  • Monitors 16 analog devices for drive current, linear distance, voltage, temperature, bearing monitor & harmonics, etc.
  • Monitors 14 digital devices for lubricator voltage, faults, line pressure, etc.
  • Touchscreen LCD allows quick viewing of monitored devices
  • Time/date stamp of lube cycles
  • Retention of historical data
  • Interfaces with LubeCon Chain Wear Monitors for chain wear analysis
  • Instant email and SMS texting for critical alarms
  • Easy field configuration and installation
  • Expandable to add future monitoring devices