Chains - We Work With Them All

Although LubeCon is short for “Lubrication” and “Conveyor”, we understand that the chain is a vital component of the conveyor. And we know how to maintain virtually every type of chain.

Here are some of the chains we routinely work with:

  • CC5 chains (Dual Strand conveyors)
  • CC5 with raised roller (Dual Strand conveyors)
  • Enclosed Track chains (Webb Unibilt, Richard Wilcox and Rapid)
  • Drag chains (Tow conveyors)
  • Caterpillar chains (drive chain)
  • Pin chains (Canning manufacturing)
  • Roller chains (Powered Roller Bed conveyor)
  • Slat chains
  • Drive chains
  • X348, rivetless chains (overhead and inverted monorail chains)
  • X458, rivetless chains (overhead and inverted monorail chains)
  • X678, rivetless chains (overhead and inverted monorail chains)

Put your trust in us to work closely with your maintenance team to extend the life of your chain.

LubeCon has been providing superior quality products and services to chain and conveyor customers for over 50 years. LubeCon factory-trained field personnel are always where you need them when you need them. Each of our dedicated sales and service professionals can recommend, install, and maintain the right equipment, lubricants, and support services for your individual needs.