Chain Wear Monitors

Monitoring and preventing chain wear is crucial in avoiding costly downtime attributed to chain failure.

The LubeCon Chain Wear Monitor will non-intrusively measure chain wear on-the-fly. Predicting and trending wear over time, it gives you the information you need to maintain your chain. Made in the USA by LubeCon, the industry leader in chain monitoring solutions.

Features & Benefits:

  • Simple – Portable Non-Portable models available.
  • Accurate – Superior repeatability at .01” precision.
  • Measurement – English and Metric units are available.
  • Power – 12+ hours normal battery life or 120-220 VAC 50/60hz.
  • Rugged – Built to last, with industrial components.
  • Convenient – LCD touch screen with information on the unit.
  • Software – Unmatched, easy to use software experience.
  • Options – industry-first, Bent Trolley Detection and High Wear Marking add-ons with patented technology.
  • Troubleshoot – Magnet troubleshooting and system self-test available.
  • Diagnostics – onboard built-in diagnostics to identify current issues and anticipate needs.

Data Retrieval & Software

Features & Benefits:

Data is readily available and analyzed with the LubeCon software. Data transfer is easy, whether using a flash drive on a portable unit or hardwired on non-portable unit.

Software Generated Reports

  1. Summary Report: an overview of key information
  2. High Wear Report: easily identify link sets needing attention
  3. Bent Trolley Report: know the exact trolleys exceeding detection setpoints
  4. Wear Trend Analysis: tracks the health of the chain over time.



The Ethernet Chain Wear Monitor is tailored for a specific conveyor. It is intended to remain stationary on a beam for the duration of the conveyor life. The convenience of the Ethernet model is the ability to access data and monitor multiple devices via a typical TCP/IP network connection at a workstation with the required software. This model does not contain an internal battery and must use a 120-220 VAC 50/60hz power source. Up to 26 historic data files are stored on an Ethernet model and are continuously available for download.



Chain Wear Monitor offers the convenience of portability and is adaptable to most common English & Metric chain sizes. It can be moved from conveyor to conveyor, storing chain wear readings that can easily be downloaded with the included Castrol USB memory stick. The portable model also features an internal rechargeable battery with exceptional life and quick recharge rates. A data file is maintained on the device even after battery life is diminished. The custom designed protective case is an optional accessory.

Add-On's - High Wear Marking System

LubeCon’s High Wear Marker combined with a Chain Wear Monitor is an easy and effective way to mark worn chain links. The High Wear Marking add-on will accurately paint any link set that is outside of a customer set parameter. 

Features & Benefits:

  • Simple – Plug and play, easy installation
  • Accurate – Utilizes Chain Wear Monitor wear values to determine marking
  • Adjustable – High wear marking set point can be entered specifically to user preference
  • Battery – No additional battery or power is necessary
  • Rugged – Built to last, with industrial components
  • Convenient – LED indicator on device and icon on the touch screen when marking
  • Troubleshoot – “Test Wear Marker” verifies proper function
  • Universal – Designed for standard aerosol can size

Add-On’s – Bent Trolley Detection

The LubeCon Bent Trolley Detection add-on utilizes infrared beams and reflectors to identify a bent or abnormal trolley outside of a user specified range. This optional kit will pinpoint the exact location of the trolley in need of replacement. PLC notification is also available.

Features & Benefits:

  • Simple – Plug and play installation
  • Accurate – User specified detection range can be dialed in for your trolley
  • Detection – Infrared beam technology will identify exact abnormal trolley locations
  • Battery – No additional battery or power is necessary
  • Rugged – Built to last, with industrial components
  • Convenient – Information available on LCD screen, software report, or PLC
  • Innovative – Patent Pending Technology