LubeCon offers a comprehensive range of world class Castrol greases that provide advanced protection of capital-intensive equipment.

We can help ensure your equipment runs reliably for long periods of time, even in difficult – and sometimes hostile – environments, giving you improved production efficiency. Our goal is to achieve longer bearing life, optimize application performance, extend maintenance intervals, increase productivity, decrease maintenance costs and minimize overall grease consumption and waste.

Multi-Purpose, High-Performance

Extremely high load carrying capacity in this direction (250,000 psi). Sulfide layers shear easily in this direction to produce low coefficient of friction.

The MoS2 structure of Molybdenum Disulfide allows for extremely high load carrying capability in the perpendicular direction (250,000 psi) while shearing easily in the parallel direction to provide very low coefficient of friction to moving parts.
Solid lubricants are worked onto the metal surface to help prevent metal-to-metal contact.
Lubricating solids have a natural affinity for metal surfaces and provide an additional layer of protection to lower frictional forces and reduce wear rates.

Resistant to Washout

In many applications, the washing action of water or coolant can be highly problematic and lead to poor grease retention as well as equipment corrosion and failure. Castrol formulates our high-performance greases to resist this washout effect and remain on bearing surfaces much longer, thus preventing corrosion even in the presence of aggressive process waters. The long-term effects are much lower grease usage and greatly extended equipment life.
Exceptional water resistance of Castrol Molub-Alloy 6040/460-1.5 compared to conventional competitors.
Water washout test results using mill water from a steel plant. Conventional greases can break down quickly in these aggressive waters, but Castrol Molub-Alloy greases are formulated to withstand them.

Left: Conventional grease that has been infiltrated and degraded by mill water. Right: Castrol Molub-Alloy 860 ES withstands contamination from water and continues to provide an excellent lubricating fil

Grease Selection Chart

PRODUCT NAMEColorThickenerAdditives1NLGIs AvailableBase Oil TypeBase Oil Vis. AvailableDropping Point (NLGI 1 & above)Temp RangeLow SpeedMedium SpeedHigh Speed

Multi-Purpose+ High Performance

Molub-Alloy 777 ESDark GrayLithiumEP / Solids

1, 2

MineralISO 1000>356°F+30 to +250°F
Molub-Alloy 860 ESDark GrayLithium complexEP / Solids

0, 1, 2

MineralISO 150+ 220+ 460>500°F+10°F to +400°FISO 460ISO 220ISO 150
Molub-Alloy 4086Dark GrayLithium complexEP / Solids

1, 2

MineralISO 320+ 460>500°F+10°F to +350°F
Molub-Alloy 6040Tan / AmberCalcium SulfonateEP2 (ISO 150) 1.5 (ISO 460)MineralISO 150+460>500°F+20°F to +350°FISO 460ISO 460ISO 150
Tribol GR 100 PDAmberLithiumEP / MFT

00, 0, 1, 2

MineralISO 100>374°F-30°F to +285°F
Tribol GR 1350-2.5 PDBrownLithiumEP / MFT2.5Mineral1350 cSt482°F-15°F to +280°F
Tribol GR 4020 PDBeigeLithium complexEP / TGOA

1, 2

MineralISO 220+ 460464°F-20°F to +350°FISO 460ISO 220ISO 220


Spheerol EPLAmberLithium EP

0, 1, 2

Mineral150 - 200 cSt374°F -5°F to +200°F
Spheerol EPLX 460Dark BrownLithium complexEP

1, 2

MineralISO 460>500°F+10°F to +300°F

High and Low Temperature

Braycote 2115-2WhitePTFESolids2PFPE510 cStNone-20°F to +480°F
Braycote Inertox 2WhitePTFESolids2PFPEISO 150*None-15°F to +500°F
Molub-Alloy 1000 HTDark GrayOrganic SodiumEP / Solids1Synthetic540 cSt>500°F+30°F to +550°F
Tribol GR SW 1.5BeigeLithium ComplexEP1.5SyntheticISO 460>500°F-40°F to +350°F
Tribol GR 4541 HTRedLithium ComplexEP1SyntheticISO 150>500°F-40°F to 450°F
Molub-Alloy 6780Dark GrayLithiumEP / Solids (5% moly)1Semi-Synthetic130 cSt394°F-40°F to +150°F


Molub-Alloy 9030-1Dark GrayPolyureaEP / Solids1MineralISO 460>500°F+10°F to +350°F
Molub-Alloy BRB 572Dark GrayLithiumEP / Solids2MineralISO 150>356°F-15°F to +250°F
Optitemp LG 2Very lightLithiumAW2SyntheticISO 46428°F-58°F to +248°F
Optitemp PG 1.5BeigeLithium complexR&O1.5SyntheticISO 220>428°F-40°F to +284°F
Performance Bio GR 8899Yellow / AmberInorganicEP00Plant-Based1670 cStn/a+20°F to +250°F
Tribol GR 400-3 PDBrownLithiumEP / MFT3Mineral400 cSt>365°F-13°F to +284°F
Tribol GR 3020/1000 PDYellow / AmberLithiumEP / TGOA

0, 1

MineralISO 1000>350°F-40°F to +248°F
Tribol GR CLS 000BeigeLithium / CalciumAW000MineralISO 100300°F-40°F to +212°F

Food Grade

Optileb GR 823WhiteAluminum ComplexAW / Solids

0, 1, 2

White Oil192 cSt>446°F-20°F to +250°F
Optileb GR UFWhite+ ClearAluminum ComplexAW

00, 1

Synthetic400 cSt>446°F-20°F to +284°F

1 R&O = Rust & Oxidation inhibitors AW = Anti-wear EP = Extreme Pressure
1 TGOA = Tribol Gear Oil Additive, a proprietary blend of EP additives capable of improving gear condition.
1 MFT = MicroFlux Trans, a proprietary blend of EP additives capable of improving gear condition.
* Increases to 500 cSt above 100˚C temperature exposure