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Experts in industrial lubricants, the equipment that applies them, and the service to support both.

A nationwide authorized distributor exclusively providing and products.

Invest in your business with the BEST lubricants on the market.

Choosing a lubrication product is more important than most people think. These products are exposed to heat, humidity, cold, acids, rust, pressure, and other nasty challenges.

Investing in LubeCon and Castrol lubricants assures you have the very best products, able to handle tough environments, adding tremendous value to your business. Best of all, you can get these products directly from us in all 50 states and Canada!

Automate. Ensure accurate application. Avoid downtime. Save money. Run smoothly with equipment.

You have machines. We have solutions. All customized to your needs.

For over 46 years we have been committed to providing quality solutions for our clients. Whether it is lubrication tools, cleaning brushes, greasers, monitoring tools, or automated controllers, we do that. We also know that no two plants are the same and each has unique needs for its machinery. Our experienced engineers have designed customized solutions for thousands of plants and can do the same for you.

Why LubeCon?

service helps your MACHINES last longer



Have your equipment installed by the most qualified and able in the market… LubeCon service managers. Our experience and expertise will assure that everything operates on day 1 and keeps performing for years to come.



Our relationship doesn’t stop after the equipment is installed. Customers can consider service contracts with LubeCon technicians. A help line for our engineers is always available too.



Each purchase comes with a 1-year parts and service warranty. Most of our components are built in the USA and all parts are assembled in Michigan.

Lubricants, Equipment, and Services for your Industry.

LubeCon partners with the best in every industry. What can we do for you?

LubeCon has decades and decades of experience with the biggest manufactures in the United States. Fortune 500 businesses rely on us to keep their plants running. We have also partnered with thousands of small businesses to maximize performance and minimize downtimes. What can LubeCon do for your business? Contact us for a chat.

Industries We Serve:

Paint & Powder Coating

These hot environments make choosing the right chain lubrication even more important.

Conveyor OEM

Downtime costs thousands every minute. Choose reliable LubeCon solutions.

Steel & Foundry

High temps and dirty environments can lead to rapid chain wear. Our systems love a challenge!

Machinery Manufacturing

You make thousands of parts. Let us help you make it go smooth with our products and equipment.

Appliance Manufacturing

Our systems will lubricate these chains while keeping the parts clean. Call it a chain washing machine.

Distributors, resellers, service providers

We are experts on manufacturing. We treat our partners like partners. How can we help you?

Vertical Transportation

Proven technology that will take service times down and performance up.

Building Materials

This is a harsh manufacturing environment. We know your needs and have proven performance.

Food & Beverage

Keep the oil where it is needed and away from your products. Use our precise applications and food-grade products.

Trusted By thousands of clients WORLDWIDE

Why Customers Choose LubeCon?

Your Machines Will Thank You.

Talk with a LubeCon USA employee and see how we can add value to your business.

We are an American company, started, grown, and thriving in the USA.

Owned and operated by leadership that has decades of experience in this business.

We cover ALL 50 states with sales and service people covering the continent.

Businesses can use us for a 1-stop shop for lubricants, equipment, and service.

We've had loyal customers for decades. We are the best at what we do.

How healthy is your conveyor?

With LubeCon’s PM Watch, you will always know.

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